Posted at 4:40 p.m.

 State Cases (historic case data- 2 weeks or older)(&) 1 6,558
 Health District Reporting (Daily Cases)
37 59,765
TOTAL CASES (&) 38 66,323

 Confirmed Positive
11 41,791
 Probable Positive
21 19,341
 Suspect Positive
6 5,191

The State of Texas is requiring that all health authorities break out there positive cases into either confirmed positives, probable positive, or suspected positives. Please see DSHS definitions below for the three categories.

DSHS Surveillance Case Definitions for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Revised: November 11, 2020
Confirmed: A case that meets confirmatory laboratory evidence* (detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a clinical or autopsy specimen using a amplification test)

Probable: A case that: ▪ Meets clinical criteria AND epidemiologic linkage criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for SARS-CoV-2, OR ▪ Meets presumptive laboratory evidence* (detection of SARSCoV-2 by antigen test in a respiratory specimen) OR ▪ Meets vital records criteria (death certificate lists COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as an underlying cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death) with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for SARS-CoV-2.

Suspect: A case that: ▪ Meets supportive laboratory evidence* of: o Detection of specific antibody in serum, plasma, or whole blood, OR o Detection of specific antigen by immunocytochemistry in an autopsy specimen ▪ AND has no prior history of being a confirmed or probable case *Laboratory evidence using a method approved or authorized by the FDA or designated authority

(&) The State of Texas-DSHS has provided additional case data to the Nueces County Health Department in July, August, September, October, and November for positive cases reported directly to the state with date ranges of March through November, total case count can be found above. These cases will be added into the overall reporting of Covid-19 statistics for Nueces County.


 Deaths  3 1239

 Currently in Hospital
 -ICU (of those in Hospital) 46
 Recovered ^ 64,119

 This table is based on the available data at the time of analysis (10/18/21 - 4 pm).  The additional cases are still under investigation.

 ***Those hospitalized at some point during illness.

 ^Recovered are those patients that were positive for COVID-19 and now are well and have met the criteria to be released from quarantine.